Evolis ribbon

Ribbon evolis

evolis Ribbon

In order to print on a variety of labels, we need to use a special ink called Ribbon. There is also a special Ribbon for each type of label to achieve the best print quality and durability. The ribs are the same in terms of appearance, but due to its constituent materials, they have different applications, which causes a difference in price. With regard to our demand for print that can be durable, or its quality or price, ribbons will have different types. So, we need to give you complete information about Ribbon Ulysses.

Ribbon Ulysses is said to consist of three main colors and a black single-color panel for printing text and bar code.

The Ulysses printer mainly transfers information over the card via heat transfer to the Ribbon.

The Ulysses printer follows the print system so that when you print the print through

The computer sends the card into the card, and the sensors start flashing the first yellow panel.

The print head on the ribbons and the card transmits information through heat transfer.

Ribbon Olive and Ribbon monochrome black, golden, silver, red and … Other ribbons are for printing with this device.





evolis ribbon

evolis ribbon



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